Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? (ENT600 Week 6)

19 Ways Dating Prince Charming Would Be Totally Different In 2016

Do you ever wonder if the decision you made in a moment was the correct decision? Or do you always wonder if there could have been something better? Something that fit the spot smoother or filled a gap in its entirety instead of having issues. We as human beings are never certain of our decisions, nor can we be. However, we can be satisfied in the decisions we made since there never is a perfect decision.

This week in reading The Founder’s Dilemmas, the book discussed the hiring dilemmas a founder must go through. One of the major things that caught my attention that I want to discuss is hiring Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now! This idea is obvious from a hindsight perspective, but when you are in the moment and there is no Mr. Right directly in front of you questions begin to arise.

In the midst of an interview process it is like a speed dating game. You feel like that person is Mr. Right but it could be because like a single woman, you are lonely and in need of someone to fill that void. This causes you to overlook all of their flaws and cherry pick what you like in hopes to, just as girls with a crush always say, one day “change them for the better”. This ideology is incredibly flawed and can cause a company a lot of unnecessary hardship.

It is also important to remember that there is not exact Mr. Perfect. There are people who are better than others. Depending on the position you need them to be better quicker than others. A key to getting ahead of this dilemma is to know what you must have in a hire and what you can live without. What are deal breakers and what are game changers.

Make a list of what you need. I would argue that shared values are always essential when hiring in management positions. You do not want a culture changer entering your company at the top and cause them to shift everything around, unless you are looking for someone to change the culture. Once you find someone who shares your values, then you look for actual skill sets, but skills are repeatable and teachable to an extent, but culture is way harder to create.

It can be hard to read if someone has the actual culture in mind when they hire someone thought because the process is so short and intense. In a recent interview I did with Trey Braswell, CEO of Braswell Family Farms, he said that you have to ask really hard questions immediately to dig deep. Otherwise you won’t know the person and then you hire the wrong person.

Asking shallow questions gets you to Mr. Right Now because everyone will answer the same way every time. You want to know Mr. Right and in order to find them, you must pry in and force them to answer thought provoking questions.

After reading all this I hope it gives you an idea of how to go about finding the right person for your empty positions. If not that, then at least you got a better idea of how speed dating works and you can give that a go sometime. None the less! Don’t settle for someone without shared values because culture is hard to teach!

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