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If you have a job, whether that be for a company or yourself, more than likely you have a business card of some sort that says what your job title is. In my personal opinion, that is the most worthless part of a business card as often times it gives me very little clue as to what people actually do. Titles can be very deceiving and that is not a bad thing for the party with the title!

In the book “The Founder’s Dilemma” they discuss this necessity for a job title. CEO, COO, CFO, Project Engineer, whatever it may be. I heard a comedian tell a joke about this topic one time and he hit the nail on the head. He said that in college he was a hydro ceramic engineer…also known as a dish washer for a restaurant! Any job can sound impressive, and that is why I say that it is not a bad thing for the party with the title.

People are just looking for respect and a positive opinion from their peers, and honestly, when you spend about one third of your week at your job, you want to make sure you are doing something people respect. What is an easy way to get that respect? With an awesome job title and no one really understands what it is that you do.

CEOs and other founders can be the exact way. Yes they do a lot so I do not want to discredit the work anyone does. The point that Founders Dilemma made was that sometimes people don’t care as much about the money they make or anything along those lines. They care more about proving that they can be a CEO or that they have that title because it makes them feel like the head honcho.

I think we all do this to an extent, we crave the approval of others and so we want these cool titles or jobs so people will be in awe of us. However, this can lead to the wrong people doing the wrong jobs some times, or to people misunderstanding what it is you do and relying on you for something that simply is just not something you are proficient in.

I personally, would like to see less titles on cards, and more of your actual skills and capabilities. In having your capabilities on your business card, if I am in need of a specific job done, I could refer to your card to see if it is something you do. It would help me to know what I can expect and if it is worth reaching out. This would be a more outward approach where we are not so focused on people opinions of ourselves and what power we have, and more focused on how I can help customers and others better. Other people’s opinions don’t matter. We just need to be good at what we do and that is way more satisfying than any job title.

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1 thought on “Role Dilemmas (Week 5 ENT 600)

  1. Turner,
    You bring up such an interesting point regarding job titles. They can give people a sense of unnecessary power with just a fancy phrase. I agree that job descriptions are more accurate than titles. We had a example of this when my department moved into a new building 2 months ago. Five employees with the same job description and title were assigned offices right in a row in our office suite. However, one office was mislabeled by the contractor as belonging to an Assistant Director (a higher position/ job title). Every single employee in the office suite was distraught by this label, even though all the offices are exactly the same layout and size. I ended up covering the door placard with a piece of paper so everyone would stop talking about it. It was just a label/title but it upset everyone. Ridiculous.


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