Text Amendments

At the start of mine and my wife’s journey we bought some land in February of 2019. We saw that it was a great location and a good sized property so we went after it and got it for a price we could afford. We have sold some of the trees on the property and have been sitting on it other than that. Recently we got the amount of cash up we wanted in order to begin the rezoning process.

For those who do not know much about rezoning…it is an extremely fun and fast process. Not really but I always enjoy new experiences and learning so though it may take some time I am going to enjoy the ride. I submitted a text amendment today to the zoning ordinance, or something like that, and am hoping to create a new classification in Nash County. There was nothing closely related to the type of business we wanted to have other than a recreation facility but that does not really apply to us. So instead of trying to squeeze it in we have just decided to create our own.

We have called it conference and events venue. Writing in several qualification in order to try and sway the votes of the county commissioners, we are extremely hopeful that we can get this passed. My wife and I greatly desire to build this facility so we can reach young couples as early as possible and encourage them to have the greatest marriage imaginable. We also want to create small jobs for local friends and those in need of work through our business. We feel as though many people need us to do this and though it may put a burden on us by having so much overhead, nothing is worth doing if it isn’t a little difficult. And nothing is worth doing if it is only done for yourself.

We ask that people pray with us to be able to stay in a serving heart for others through this process and that the text amendment will pass then we can get our land rezoned. Thanks for coming along with us and we look forward to keeping you updated!

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