Print Advertisement Analysis

Here are all of my Print Ads


  1. It is a simple picture of a woman who is cooking. She has a quote next to her saying that she has never worked a day in her life and that is because she is doing what she loves which makes her feel rich. The technique here is a person doing an average job that any of us could do yet she seems extremely happy and satisfied. They want their readers to think that they can make them happy and satisfied. (
  2. They wanted people to buy their product. There was no specific states object of purchase however they want people to call in and sign up for AARP.
  3. AARP is usually for older people so essentially anyone over the age of 50.
  4. They want people to call their company and get more information on how to make their lives better. Then they want people to buy their health insurance
  5. The value they are adding is that if you buy their insurance you will live a long happy and fulfilled life. They want people to be able to do what they love at an old age. AARP sells insurance to elderly people so it drives them to buy it because it can help them carry on in their lives.


  1. There is a picture of a purse and inside is a woman’s wallet which is wide open. Above it is a quote from an investigator that tells people leaving their stuff in the open is asking people to steal it. Above that reads FREE MONEY. They wanted to convince people that they give away free money but what it really meant was that they don’t want people to get their money stolen. (
  2. I think the objective was to convince people that AARP gives away free money which would make people buy their insurance. They definitely wanted to sell more.
  3. AARP targets elderly people so ages 50+.
  4. They wanted people to call in about the free money AARP seems to be offering. The viewer could benefit by purchasing healthcare from them which is helpful.
  5. I think the idea behind free money is that insurance seems like free money so there is that value. They are also offering life advice on keeping things safe, but I would not call that value.


  1. The Rav4 and a bunch of people all in white are standing around celebrating while the sky is covered in various colors of powder. It looks as though everyone is partying over the Rav4. The emotion they are looking to invoke is pure excitement for their product. (
  2. They want to get people to come buy their newest release. There did not appear to have any further objectives past that.
  3. The target market is people in their late 20s to mid 40s. I say that because the people in the photo look about that age, and it being more of a mini SUV it fits the life style of people that age who typically have kids.
  4. The ad wants people to come to their car lots and check out the new rav4 and see what kind of party they can have in it. The viewer could keep their car or if they do buy a new car, they could get a nice vehicle.
  5. The value Toyota offers is that of a nice car. It is a great car with lots of good features but this ad makes it feel like it offers the layer of excitement to people’s lives.


  1. At the top is a bunch of eccentric looking garage doors and buildings. Under it reads “100 years of grand openings”. Then there is a whole lot of information about what they do. This phrase at the top invokes an impressed emotion. One of reverence and prestige that makes you want to buy something there so you can be a part of it. (ad is above and on this link
  2. The objective is to sell more garage doors and inform people about what they do. There were no specifics on goals or anything.
  3. The target market is people building new homes or in the construction industry. They know where to go to get the highest quality garage doors and know people will be impressed.
  4. Richard-Wilcox wants viewers to come and buy their doors. If they do they they will receive a very nice and professional garage door of what ever kind they desire.
  5. Quality and experience is the value they offer. That feeling of being a part of something great. Their professionalism and longevity are what drives customers their way.

Pure Planet

  1. On the ad is a picture of this container and behind it is a very earthy organic feel. They post instructions for, how to build the worlds best vegan protein. Under that they have a 4 step list on how to do it. It wants to convince you that organic and vegan can be good tasting, and make you feel healthy. (
  2. Their objective is to sell more and inform people of what they do. There are no set goals from what we can tell other than that they want us to know about them which worked.
  3. The target market in my opinion is vegans and probably young millennials which are the people group who typically go for items such as this in a hope to be healthier or more environmental friendly.
  4. The ad wants the viewer to buy their product. The viewer will get the product and either like it and have a healthier lifestyle, or have just wasted money on something they don’t like.
  5. The value is that they created something that does not harm animals and is natural. Ideally it actually tastes good so that people can enjoy being healthy.
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