Magazine Ads Analysis


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  1. At the top of the ad is the phrase, the shoe works if you do. Then under is their sweet looking shoe, and a description that explains what the shoe is used for. Lastly, of course there is the nike swoosh and all of this is on a crumpled up paper looking background. The emotion they are striving to strike is one of elitism. Making you feel like you will rise above if you have this shoe. (
  2. The objectives were to sell more of this shoe which is not their typical sports shoe. There were no specific goals.
  3. People between the ages of 16 and 40. I say this because it has to do with people who work, and that is a large age group of people who still try and be stylish.
  4. The ad wants viewers to buy their shoes and go to work looking good and being good at their jobs. The viewer would get a cool looking pair of shoes along with feeling a part of Nike.
  5. Nike offers a value of being a part of them If you wear Nike then you are a part of their clan. Now this shoe opens a new realm of what Nike can be worn for.

Image result for examples of magazine ads
  1. Starring into a cardboard box you read the phrase, This is the inside of someone’s home with some statistics underneath it about the number of homeless people in the US. The emotion you get hit with is a gut sinking feeling of realizing the disparity of some people. It makes you feel bad for homeless people. (
  2. They wanted us to feel bad for homeless people and raise awareness. Then they want us to donate in order to end homelessness. There were no directly stated objectives in this campaign.
  3. People who have money to share are the focus. Essentially anyone who is not homeless could be targeted with this ad.
  4. They want us to give to their campaign. The viewer would receive a feeling of doing something good for people.
  5. The value they offer is the receiving of the chemical in your body you get when you do something for someone else. It brings happiness to your life. You know that you did something to help stop something bad.


Image result for examples of magazine ads
  1. You have the typical Coke color scheme of red and white this this colorful background. Then in the middle you have the well known coke bottle. Inside reads “Being cross-eyed is having a special look” and under it is says “take the good side”. Essentially telling us to be positive in scenarios. This emotion is one of happiness, like even things that seem bad can actually be something good. (
  2. They want us to coincide Coke with being positive. This would result in people buying more. There was no set objectives.
  3. The target could be anyone, but primarily positive thinkers who like this idea of turning things for the good.
  4. They want people to think positively but over all to drink their drinks. Maybe the viewer will gain perspective on life while drinking a tasty beverage.
  5. The value here is a much more positive life, especially if you think about it whenever you have a coke. People like positivity so people would be drawn to Coke due to that.

Oogmerk Opticians

Image result for examples of magazine ads
  1. There are two guys who are the same person with the same stain on their t-shirt which looks like blood. One guy is wearing glasses and they have the word butcher and artist written under one another. Then in the bottom is says “get the respect you deserve.” This insinuates that glasses bring respect and make you appear sophisticated. (
  2. Their objective was to sell more glasses by making them seem cool and help you. There was no labeled objective.
  3. The target market is anyone who needs glasses.
  4. They want them to get glasses and not think glasses look bad. The viewer will get the glasses they needed from the start plus a new found sense of self confidence due to the glasses.
  5. The value is that glasses actually enhance how people view you. They are giving you something that you could not get on your own. They also offer the opportunity for better vision. A customer who was nervous about wearing glasses before because of how people may view them now have a positive perspective on it.


Image result for examples of magazine ads
  1. There is a photo of a canister that has spilled liquid and the shape of the liquid is full of the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” over and over again.Then at the bottom there is the question “what are your pictures Emotionally you feel like you get so much more from a photo and are missing out.
  2. They want to sell more of their cameras because they want to convince the viewer they are missing out on great photos without their cameras. There is no written objective.
  3. The target market, I would assume, is anyone the age 20 and up. Primarily people who do art work photos and people who have kids and grandkids they want to photograph.
  4. They want people to buy their cameras so they do not miss anymore big moments. The viewer could get a great camera and takes lots of photos.
  5. The value is the enhancement of memory collection. They get to take all of these photos then be able to refer to them forever. If you do not get to take good photos and miss out then that can change for you.

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