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More Than One Flavor: Goya Foods

  1. This Advertisement was about Goya food seasoning. This woman enters this scene to a child’s party and the gentlemen cooking the food was cooking something that is not typical of a children’s party. She seemed skeptical however this man was incredibly confident and seemed almost in love with this chicken. Then the clip jumps to the children eating the food and loving it. It was slightly humorous and yet family friendly, hitting on a scene that we all know very well. (
  2. Selling additional product was obviously the goal in this campaign. They were targeting a market of parents, because if children and adults love it, it hits a vast array of people. That is basically how hotdogs have lasted this long, because they are not healthy, however kids love them and adults enjoy them as well.
  3. Families, I felt, were the target market in this advertisement.
  4. Purchasing more Goya for parties and events, or just family dinners was their objective in all of this. If the viewer were to purchase this, they may increase their food selection at home if their kids actually do enjoy this.
  5. Value is created to the user with this product due to its versatility and purposes that it fulfills by satisfying a multitude of consumers.

Reinvent Mindsets- Dads: HP

  1. Flipping scene to scene you see several different father daughter pairs sitting on a couch. The dads are reading tips for women as they go and pursue jobs, and the girls are getting offended as the dads seem to worry about their daughters and how they are affected by how these tips say the world acts towards women at work. HP is utilizing emotional and political strings to get their message by. (
  2. HP wanted raise their PR status by showing that they are about equality to women. They do not higher based off any stereotypes, but based on peoples qualifications. I think they probably received positive PR with a portion of the American people
  3. I would say that the target market of the advertisement was targeted towards women who are putting their career first. It could also be targeted towards men with daughters because they want what is best for their little girls.
  4. HP is attempting to draw in brand loyalty and so they want people to buy their products. Computers, phones, and anything else that they offer.
  5. They are creating a work environment that is based around merit, and not counting out women from their workforce, so they could be creating a greater work force. They are also creating a brand that is all about equality, so giving purchasers an image that they are also about this topic.

Love Over Bias: P&G

  1. Rotating form scene to scene you see various stories about kids not acting in the stereotypical norm of people like them and it all concludes when a little black girl becomes a professional skier. Utilizing our heart strings as several of these kids are made fun of or bullied or simply just ran over, P&G wants to include all people. (
  2. Their objective was PR and brand loyalty, which in turn always turns into more sales. They wanted to show that they were for the little person or the outcast.
  3. The target market for this advertisement was parents, which is mainly what their products are geared towards, who feel like their kids are special. Which is honestly, almost every kids to a parent growing up, even though this advertisement tried to make it seem like it was only certain stereotypes.
  4. P&G wants everyone to go and buy all of their product line to basically support their kids dreams coming true. I say that because their product was not involved in this in this in any ways, however they make it seem like it can do that. Through brand loyalty, they want to sell more.
  5. The value it adds to customers is that it makes them look like they are more caring and loving towards people who may be considered different.

My Black Is Beautiful: P&G

  1. Various mother combos with their children encouraging them to be aware of racial biases, and the final mother just wants her to daughter to be scene as normal, not some other type of person. This is another ad that is attacking at the emotional side and pity side of their consumers. (
  2. Their objective was PR and brand loyalty, which in turn always turns into more sales. They wanted to show that they were for all types of people and they do not see any differences in people, and they want to help end racism.
  3. This target market was primarily African Americans, as they were trying to prove that they love the African American people. It is also towards people who want to help end racial biases, which is most Americans.
  4. This ad did not seem to make any call to actions, however good PR usually leads to higher sales because of brand loyalty.
  5. The value added to consumers here are that if you support this company it makes you appear more caring and progressive.

Win Them Back- Goya Foods

  1. Moment after moment this mother and father watch their kids move from Latino culture towards westernized Americans. Not talking in Spanish, wanting to throw a football rather than play soccer, ask for a sweet 16 instead of a Quintieri, and kicking it all off with wanting nachos. Eventually the parents pull out a Goya product to convert their children back. It is a funny commercial that makes it appear almost serious, but it is utilizing stereotypes of Hispanic people to display its point. (
  2. Their objective was to sell more product. It was apparent as they displayed their product as a clear and evident Spanish product which enhances any food.
  3. It appeared to me that it was targeted towards Hispanic people in America, however I felt like it could also people towards anyone who wants to cook legitimate Hispanic food.
  4. Goya wants its viewers to go and purchase more of its products to use, and the consumer would then be able to cook more authentic Hispanic food.
  5. The value proposition of these products is the ability to cook more authentic South American food. Sometimes people have a hard time to add flavors that are actually Hispanic tasting, however these flavorings make it appear as though it would make it very easy for people to create those flavors.
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