Quick Crete Concrete Radio Review

  1. Quick Crete’s advertisement was a funny sequence of three different scenarios in which it started with this grand creation. Then it immediately jumps to a situation from that which is many years in the future. Quick Crete sells fast drying concrete for home projects. Utilizing humor and imagery to draw customer’s attention to how quickly their product does the work it describes. (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/long-story-short-2/)
  2. With this commercial, it seemed as though they were trying to sell more quick crete. They were showing you how quickly it works and it seems pretty attainable. They did not seem measurable or clear, but if their goal was to draw attention to their product to sell more, then they accomplished that with an hilarious commercial that is memorable.
  3. Target markets for this type of product would be any adult who has a home and is doing projects in their yard. Any one who is putting up posts or single items in order to create a sturdier base on things such as mailboxes, fence posts, birdhouses, etc. I could see it also being useful for fencing companies, and small time construction businesses.
  4. Quick Crete’s ad is wanting people to use their product to save time on their home projects. People would benefit from this simply because they would save time on their drying. Usually concrete drying is a very slow process and can force people to waste a lot of time. This product benefits them so they can knock out simple projects quickly.
  5. Just as I stated in the answer above, it creates more time for its customers to do other things that they wants. Time is a wonderful commodity that does not need to be thrown away, and quick crete gives some of that back.
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1 thought on “Quick Crete Concrete Radio Review

  1. Turner,

    I think their signature line, “Long story short!” is something that could be acknowledged in your review as it is at the end of each of those miniature stories. Seems fairly valuable to their ad.



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