New York Lotto Radio Review

  1. A man is meowing like a cat repeatedly. He proceeds to cough and then moo for a minute until he changes back to a very deep meowing. The entire time a man is explaining that a rich guy pays this cat man a full time rate to meow like his dead cat. The voice then tells the audience that they would make a better rich person so play the lottery. This advertisement does a good job of taking a exaggerated situation and making it funny to make listeners feel as though they are smarter so they should be playing the lottery in order to get rich. (
  2. The reason behind the advertisement is to sell more lottery tickets. Their is no set goal announced or any focused point that seems attainable or not, however they clearly want to sell more to people who want to become rich.
  3. Honestly, their target market is to people who do not want to work for their money. People who play the lottery are not rich people, but they feel like they are smarter and deserve to be rich. It is the sad truth, however that is the exact people who buy the lottery because everyone knows that the lottery does not make people rich. It actually keeps people in their state of financial depression.
  4. This advertisement is encourage customers to buy more lottery tickets so they can become rich. If the process works for someone then they will become rich, but more than likely squander it away. For the mass majority of people who play it, it robs them of their money and keeps them in a struggling mindset to not work for their wealth.
  5. The value this product creates is the hope to become rich quickly with very little labor. That hope is what keeps people coming back. It is a thrill to draw people in time and time again by spending a little bit of money in hopes to have a large return.
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1 thought on “New York Lotto Radio Review

  1. Turner,

    I find this advertisement to be highly comical! When I first heard the meow, I was like, what is this for cat food or something? Even though this post is labelled, “New York Lotto.” It totally slipped my mind though as soon as I started listening to it. Personally, I can’t imagine anyone would waste their money like that & it sickens me that some individuals have that option. Those that have the option often do not have the wisdom to know what to do with it though.



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