Kolping Schutzenfest Radio Review

  1. A child is tattling on his father for saying a bad word and when the mom asks what the word is the dad says the name of the festival which sounds a lot like the S word. Every time he mentions the festival he get slapped. It is a humorous commercial with good word play to make it stick in our heads. (https://aef.com/ad-campaigns/kolping-schutzenfest/)
  2. The entire goal of this commercial was to raise awareness of their festival coming up and explaining exactly what it is, what is going on, and where it will be. It was on a time constrain as the festival was only around for a period.
  3. Target markets for this event would be people who live locally first. Then you reach other markets who are near by and love beer and the German culture as a whole. Anyone who is interested in those things would probably enjoy themselves at this event.
  4. With the festival approaching at the time of the ad, the company wants people to come out to the festival and enjoy themselves. Which is also the value it provides their customers. They would have a good time and good food. Creating memories and experiences for people is an important thing to a lot of people and they are willing to pay for that.
  5. As I stated previously, the experience is what will drive someone to this event. Experiences are what people want and it adds great value to their lives. It breaks the mold of their everyday life which in turn adds more joy to their lives.
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1 thought on “Kolping Schutzenfest Radio Review

  1. Turner,

    I think they had a great strategy of using a child to bring awareness to its homonym status. It sure does sound very similar… It then makes it easy to discuss the details of the festival further with an introduction like that.



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