Cooper Disposal Radio Review

  1. Cooper Disposal offers giant trash bins for people who are clearing out there homes or anyone who is throwing a plethora of items away. It was an incredibly humorous ad that utilized song in a funny way. The artist told a story of your grandmother dying and you having to clean out here house, so using a dark thing in a hilarious way. (
  2. Cooper’s objective was to sell more trash bins. Their is a portion of informing people that this is something they can have but their overarching goal was to sell more to people in big scenarios such as a family member passing, or any sort of house cleaning projects.
  3. The target market was people who are middle aged with elderly family members. I say that age because not many young people have a large need for giant trash bins outside of big cleaning projects, and those projects are not common in that age bracket. However, they are relatively common in older folks, whether they are moving or someone else is that they know and they have acquired a ton of junk they no longer need.
  4. An action that could be taken would be to rent a waste bin from Cooper Disposal. If someone were to order a trash bin such as this, they will have incredibly convenience in major projects since Cooper will also remove the waste bin for you.
  5. The value that Cooper Disposal brings to their customers is both the possession of a large trash bin, along with the removal of all of the trash when the user is through. That is big because not many people have the capability to tote all of the material they want to throw away and it saves them time as well.
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1 thought on “Cooper Disposal Radio Review

  1. Turner,

    Sounds like a very specific product that would only be needed in certain situations. I appreciate that they related it to a circumstance that very well could be realistic for many people in an older age range which you acknowledged in your review! Personally, I don’t really think that I would find it particularly useful, but it’s not an ad geared toward me! Hopefully it will entice some folks though & encourage them to invest!



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