Nissan Radio Review

  1. The product the radio advertisement was pushing was the Nissan Leaf. This is an electric car crafted by Nissan. The advertisement utilized the concept of comfort and convenience. (
  2. The objective of the ad was to do both informing customers and attempting to sell more. I would say that they did a good job informing prospective customers of their new electric vehicle, and they utilized a simple approach to explain it. They obviously want to sell more as well due to the fact that they were trying to make you make a change from your gas powered vehicle to ease your life of the expense of gas and trips to gas stations.
  3. Target markets for this are more than likely people who many would classify as “tree huggers”. People who care a lot about the environment and want to cut down on emissions to the ozone. Another group could be people who are trying to save money in the long run by cutting back on their gas expenses.
  4. Value is created by this vehicle because it cuts down on your gas expenses, and it the time you have to utilize to drive there. You get time back and money back in the long run.
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1 thought on “Nissan Radio Review

  1. Turner,

    I love that Nissan is promoting their electric vehicle! However, I think they lacked a lot of information about it & just encouraged the fact that you will no longer have to go to gas stations. Didn’t mention any sort of potential struggles with a significant lack of electronic charging stages in parking lots and such. Not that they would considering they are trying to sell their vehicle, but I am just playing the role of a Devil’s Advocate…



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